Klaine AU (kind of future!klaine) : Famous broadway couple, Kurt and Blaine Hummel-Anderson play “The Newlywed Game”. 


Klaine AU | Kurt needs a new model for his upcoming line, but his model never showed up, and his deadline is fast approaching. Rachel tells him that he should just pick someone up from the street - this is how he meets Blaine Anderson, the dorky, but really sexy college student, with a big heart, and surprisingly, with a lot of insecurities.

SOMETHING’S COMING: When Sebastian Smythe arrives at Dalton Academy hot on the heels of Blaine Anderson's departure, he doesn't hesitate to make it known that nothing as trivial as a boyfriend would get in the way of what he wants — especially when all signs point to Blaine wanting it too.

Klaine alternative meeting AU | #6 | Welcome to Hollywood Game Night where each week Sue Slyvester invites six celebrity friends over to play games, have some drinks, and hopefully send one contestant home with $25,000.

Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson are both famous and loved by everyone, but the two never had the chance to meet - not until they both came to play in Hollywood Game Night…

[prompt by chatterboxrose: where kurt and blaine are famous and never met and end up being on “hollywood game night” on opposite teams and are weirdly competitive but also flirty (xx)]

Klaine AU (kind of future!klaine) : Famous broadway couple, Kurt and Blaine Hummel-Anderson play “The Newlywed Game”. 


Glee Klaine AU___   Anderbros’ secret

Kurt and Blaine are living together in NY. Blaine and his brother Cooper skype on a regular basis, and one night, Blaine reveals intimate details of his sexlife as a confidence.

A few weeks later, Cooper is invited on Ellen’s show to promote his new movie and spills everything.

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Just Married Broke Up | 5 months later Kurt and Blaine finally decides to come out of the shadows and tell the world the big news: they never broke up, but married instead in a private ceremony, fooling the whole media and Hollywood.

[part 1] [part 2] [just broke up] [thanks for chatterboxrose​ for the cheering and the final idea]

Just Married Broke Up | Kurt and Blaine are still broken up, at least, this is what the media believes. A few months later the two arrives at New York where they finally get married in a private ceremony.

After a picture gets leaked from their wedding, the two needs to make up a fake story about shooting something together for a public service announcement involving gay marriage, and later post it on YouTube,

[part 1] [thanks for @chatterboxrose for the cheering and the idea]

Just Married Broke Up | Kurt and Blaine are Hollywood’s favourite couple since their on-and-off-screen romance that started 8 years ago when the two met on the set of Teenage Dream.

After being under pressure for a long time, everyone waiting for them to get married, the two decides that it would be better to break it off. Or at least pretend that they broke up… because what’s better then sneaking around a bit and make your relationship just a bit more fun?

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Klaine AU : Blaine is getting married in a month and shows his best friend and best man, Kurt, his wedding suit. A couple days later, Kurt can’t hide it anymore and reveals his feelings for Blaine leaving him confused and lost about his own feelings. The only thing he still knows is that he doesn’t want to lose Kurt, ever. 

AU | After Burt Hummel’s unexpected death, his only son Kurt takes over as a crime leader in his father’s place. inspired by (x) and (x)

Kurtbastian AU: Kurt has a huge crush on a costumer, which is not good for his job, especially since everytime this mysterious boy walks in, Kurt automatically forgets that he’s supposed to take orders.


Klaine soulmate AU | Blaine Anderson moved to New York after finishing high school, hoping he’s gonna finally meet his soulmate, Kurt E. Hummel. Weeks go by, and finally he meets the love of his life, but he needs to find out that Kurt already has a soulmate - and it’s not Blaine.

Blaine is heartbroken, but never shows it to Kurt, who soon becomes his friend. Kurt is excited to find out that Blaine found his soulmate, but he doesn’t know the name on Blaine’s body. After some more weeks Kurt finally confronts Blaine about his mood swings and secrets, and then Blaine tells him the truth: Kurt is his soulmate, but he’s not Kurt’s.

Kurt tells him that he doesn’t care about his old soulmate anymore, he never felt like they belonged to each other, something was always off with the relationship, and that he feels so much closer to Blaine, even though he doesn’t have his name on himself. After spending the night together, he asks Blaine to look at his back, where Blaine finds his own name instead of the other guy’s. Kurt’s soulmate mark changed through the night, making Blaine his new soulmate.

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An alternate (alternative if I’m allowed to be picky) universe!