Klaine soulmate AU | Blaine Anderson moved to New York after finishing high school, hoping he’s gonna finally meet his soulmate, Kurt E. Hummel. Weeks go by, and finally he meets the love of his life, but he needs to find out that Kurt already has a soulmate - and it’s not Blaine.

Blaine is heartbroken, but never shows it to Kurt, who soon becomes his friend. Kurt is excited to find out that Blaine found his soulmate, but he doesn’t know the name on Blaine’s body. After some more weeks Kurt finally confronts Blaine about his mood swings and secrets, and then Blaine tells him the truth: Kurt is his soulmate, but he’s not Kurt’s.

Kurt tells him that he doesn’t care about his old soulmate anymore, he never felt like they belonged to each other, something was always off with the relationship, and that he feels so much closer to Blaine, even though he doesn’t have his name on himself. After spending the night together, he asks Blaine to look at his back, where Blaine finds his own name instead of the other guy’s. Kurt’s soulmate mark changed through the night, making Blaine his new soulmate.

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An alternate (alternative if I’m allowed to be picky) universe!


Klaine AU | Blaine Anderson is the best fencer of his age, but Kurt Hummel thinks the title should belong to him. After telling this to everyone, Blaine confronts him about the rumours that says that Kurt is better than him, so they end up trying to decide who should have the title.

Blaine loses the competition, but thinks Kurt was unfair in some of his moves, though no one sees it his way. (Later they try and work out their frustration in the locker room’s shower.)

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au - MPREG - After six months in the Big Apple and since forgoing the condoms, Blaine realizes he’s knocked up. If only he could have told Kurt differently.

AU: When Kurt Hummel — the neighbourhood’s infamous bad boy — steps up to protect Blaine, he’s left wondering why Kurt would go through the trouble for him. The truth comes out when he receives a call informing him that Kurt had gone after the offender again to defend Blaine’s honor, and it didn’t end well this time…

AU: Blaine and Elliott have been close friends ever since they were both bitten and turned several hundred years ago. After a recent move to New York, they both befriend Kurt Hummel. Blaine’s relationship with the human quickly grows serious, but the more time he spends with Kurt and the stronger their bond grows, the more worried he becomes of his secret slipping. Little does he know that Kurt already has his suspicions about Blaine and Elliott’s secret (because, really, there’s only so many songs about vampires one can write before people start to suspect something, right?).

AU: Seblaine and Kadam being roommates.


AU: Kurtbastian are “friends” living together in NY. One day Sebastian arrives earlier from college and sees Kurt and Elliott spending time together.


rachel’s older brother comes to visit and shit happens [more aus]

Kurtbastian Week 2014 Day 4: Body swap
Kurt and Sebastian mysteriously switch bodies. Somehow, it helps them figuring out other people know better about them than they do. Especially when they have both talked about each other to their friends and co-workers.


Klaine roommates AU | Santana thinks that their roommates, Kurt and Blaine are spending too much time together, though they say they aren’t together. So she and Rachel decides that it’s time to investigate.

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AU: Sebastian actually graduated the same year as Kurt. And now he’s attending NYADA too. And hey look, its Adam.

AU: In which Blaine doesn’t know he has a twin brother, but the twin knows about Blaine and Kurt. So he decides to flirt with him.


Glee Klaine AU__   The Perfect Boyfriend

Kurt and Blaine are bestfriends since forever and Kurt has a huge crush on him. One day Blaine finds a website where he can create and buy his perfect boyfriend and decides to fill the form with the features of his ideal man.

The next day Sam Evans, alias Blaine’s perfect man, arrives at school. After the initial shock the two of them start dating and Kurt is more and more jealous about this new relationship so he tries to explain his feelings to his friend.

Sam, who knows What’s best for Blaine, helps him getting together with his one true love.

Seblaine Love Actually AU
"We won’t find the video, though. I had a real search when you first called and couldn’t find any trace of it, so - " "Well, there’s one here that says ‘Blaine And Kurt’s Engagement’, do you think we might be on the right track?"